The "Muslim Student Trust" (MST) is a UK registered charity established in 1968. It is dedicated to improving the welfare and developmental needs of over 100,000 young Muslims students within the British and Irish education systems. We are concerned with the grass roots, focused solely on the need to nurture and develop the rising leaders of the Muslim Community, and to preserve an authentic and prosperous future for Islam and Muslims in the UK and Ireland. Our aims and objectives are unique, as indeed is MST in this field of student welfare. Working in collaboration with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), the MST seeks:

:: To acquire long term 'Waqf' Investments aimed at generating sustainable income to financially support the core activities of Muslim Students in the UK and Ireland.

:: To purchase and make available high quality accommodation for Muslim students in the UK and Ireland, where young men and women can live and work in a safe, clean and Islamically sound environment.

:: To support the on campus Islamic education and development work of Student Islamic Societies by providing them with event sponsorship, logistical support, free or subsidised brochure literature and materials etc.

:: To develop tomorrow's leaders by providing effective support and Islamic guidance to young Muslim students through leadership development programmes, residentials and tours designed to expose and give young leaders access to renowned scholars, affordable Hajj and Umrah, and places of Islamic heritage.

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